Skeptical Spirit is a blog started by Jon Bash in late-2016 for thoughts about our daily experience, living, the universe, and the improvement thereof. On a more practical level, it’s a place for my thoughts that don’t quite fit on other platforms or might find a good home here.

In middle school, I dabbled in Christianity through a friend’s non-denominational church, and though there was a short time where I considered myself a devout Christian, I could never quite quiet the many questions I always had in the back of my mind. I’ve been agnostic since early high school, and in college came to the conclusion that the simplest and most probably answer was that there wasn’t a god at all, and so came to consider myself atheist.

Late in college, amidst rising stress and the compounding results of undiagnosed ADHD (inattentive type) and having never really learned organizational strategies, I began a journey into improving myself, first through “productivity” & “life-hacks” and later through more general personal-development books and blogs.

A couple of years ago, one of the strategies I came across was mindfulness meditation, initially as taught by Andy Puddicombe of Headspace. It didn’t stick at first, but it eventually became a regular part of my routine and led me to look into the writings of secularly “spiritual” folks like Sam Harris, Dan Harris, and Stephen Batchelor. Modern Buddhist ideas have seemed thus far the closest to getting things “right” about the world, and something in that fascinates me, but I don’t purport to “know” that it represents any capital-t “Truth.”

So here I am now, at the cross-section of these seemingly disparate spheres trying to make sense of it all and maybe share whatever bites of wisdom that happen to appear in front of me. Join me if you like.

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