I’ve been debating the last few months what to do with this website. I still haven’t come to any kind of decision.

For some time, I was planning to create a podcast where I would interview people (not necessarily experts) about their own personal spiritual background, experiences, and life, try to tease out beliefs and thoughts they don’t talk about very often, weird and/or unexplainable experiences they’ve had.

Ultimately, I decided not to do it for a lot of reasons. I’m trying to focus my time and effort on improving my chances of making a living creating music and sound, and a podcast probably would have been mostly a distraction from this goal. Not to mention the costs of hosting and or taking the time to roll my own solution would have been significant enough to give me pause.

However, I’ve also been finding myself asking more questions about life & what to do with it and not finding adequate answers in either religious/spiritual sources or in any humanist, scientific, or otherwise secular sources. I essentially started this website to start to answer these sorts of questions for myself in a public forum in the event that they would be helpful or interesting to others, but lately a part of me has also been considering the possibility that by hosting this website, I’m basically just adding more noise to an already noisy world.

And so, I’m thinking about just shutting this website down and continuing my search in private. The idea of getting a little bit more “off the grid” even in as small a way as this feels pretty good. I also fear, though, that by abandoning this endeavor I might be contributing to a silence, a taboo against any sort of spirituality in the secular community, which I fear could be hurting us as a society more than we currently realize. I certainly never want to come off as preachy, as though my beliefs are correct even though I can’t prove anything, or that you should listen to me just because I’m talking. I don’t want to mindlessly scream out into the void. But I also don’t want to run away from difficult conversations.

So I turn to you, dearest reader, be you a friend or a stranger. I’m asking your advice, because if I’m going to do this for me, I might as well make it a private journal. But if it’s helpful to even a couple of people… maybe this conversation is worth continuing. Are you interesting in hearing from me on this subject? Do you have any other thoughts or ideas along these lines? Send me an email at contact@skeptical-spirit.net or comment on this post.